Samsung is very likely gearing up to announce the Galaxy Note 5 in the coming months. On Monday we had a look at some early schematics for the phone, which appears to employ the same design as the Galaxy S6, but larger. That means plenty of glass, metal and a first class design. In an effort to attract last minute buyers to its Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has a pretty amazing deal on this year’s model.

The company is, as of Tuesday, offering $200 off the price of the Galaxy Note 4 when it’s purchased at full retail price. That means you can’t buy it with a carrier subsidy. The offer runs through July 26 and, so long as you buy it before then, you can head to, enter in your contact information, IMED number and Wi-Fi MAC address to receive your rebate.

A full retail Galaxy Note 4 currently goes for about $845 from AT&T, so it’s by no means a cheap handset. With a $200 rebate, however, you’re looking at about $645 for a still amazing smartphone. Not too shabby.