galaxy note 4 release dates graphic

The Galaxy Note 4 will finally arrive here in the U.S. on Oct. 17, but what about the rest of the world? Samsung revealed its global launch plans today with a simple graphic explaining which countries the flagship phablet will be available in and when.

The Note 4 is already available in South Korea and is set to launch in parts of Southeast Asia early this month. It looks like the device will be available in India on Oct. 10 and Singapore on Oct. 11. It’s also headed to Thailand (Oct. 13), Myanmar (Oct. 15), Cambodia (Oct. 17), Vietnam (Oct. 24), and Laos, Indonesia and the Philippines on Oct. 25.

Meanwhile the new phone is slated to launch in Australia and most of Europe on Oct. 17, though some countries won’t get the Note 4 until later that month. Samsung is also bringing the device to parts of South America and Africa during the same time period. The graphic isn’t totally precise, so it’s tough to make out exactly which countries can be covered, but it still gives a general sense of when the device will arrive in each region.

The Galaxy Note 4 is a great phone and if you’re a fan of Samsung’s phablets you should love this model as well. The new handset offers cutting-edge hardware including a 2K 5.7-inch display, a Snapdragon 805 processor, a massive 3220mAh battery and a metal design around the edges. It also features some impressive software for running multiple apps on-screen at once with side-by-side view or smaller floating windows.

We should be picking up a Galaxy Note 4 around the launch in the U.S., so stay tuned for our full thoughts in our final review sometime later this month.