Samsung Galaxy Round VS Note 3-Front

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 4 sometime this fall, most likely during the IFA trade show in Berlin where it typically refreshes the device. We’ve seen rumors that Samsung is trying to add a unique three-sided display to the Note 4, which could possibly allow it to show more information along the edges, but today a new report suggests something different.


GSMArena was passed some information from a source that refers to a device called the Muscat, model number N910, that reveals some potential information on the Galaxy Note 4. The device will reportedly offer a 5.7-inch display with a quad HD resolution, or 2560 x 1440-pixels. That’s a good deal larger than the display on the Galaxy S5, which measures 5.1-inches. The leak also provides some insight on the Galaxy S5 Prime, which is said to have a QHD display that measures 5.2-inches, and the Galaxy S5 Mini, which has as 4.5-inch display with a 720p resolution.

Even with this information, GSMArena surmises that Samsung may boost the size of the Galaxy Note 4 up to 5.9-inches, following a trend in which the firm increases the display size by 0.2-inches with each new iteration of the smartphone. That might be stretching a bit too big for our tastes, but with some first class hardware we’ll probably be willing to compromise just a hair.