Similar to the ultrasonic case we saw announced for the Galaxy Core Advance, Samsung is reportedly developing an Ultrasonic Cover for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. The cover serves a pretty cool purpose, giving visually impaired users audible cues when objects are near. It isn’t, however, classified as a medical device, which means it won’t replace a cane or any other mobility aid.

SamMobile says the case will include sensors that detect objects in front of the user, and provide a feedback signal in three different levels: short, middle and long. The case’s functionality will apparently decrease, however, as the range of ultrasonic signals is increased. SamMobile acquired the entire description of the accessory, which is explicit in its description of the product not replacing current medical aids.

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From what we’ve been hearing, the Galaxy Note 4 is shaping up to be a pretty incredible deviceand powerful, too. Samsung has an event planned for Sept. 3, so we’re just weeks away from seeing what the device is all about. Not only will it sport beefy specs, but Samsung is clearly thinking outside of the box to appeal to a wider range of customers.