Samsung Galaxy Round-Bottom-2

Samsung has had a busy year so far, but the South Korean company could release a barrage of new products this September. The Korea Times reports that IFA will see the release of two Galaxy Note 4 models, a Google Glass competitor, new curved 4K TVs and smart home appliances.

According to one unnamed executive from a local Samsung partner in South Korea, the Galaxy Note 4 will come in two models. The company will offer a flat-screened device for the mass market along with a curved display for “niche markets.” We’re guessing the curved phablet will resemble the Galaxy Round, which stirred up some attention but never really caught on.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s Google Glass knockoff, allegedly called Gear Glass, will reportedly run an updated version of Tizen OS and come equipped with a small display module and a single earbud. The company is also expected to announce the Gear 3 smartwatch at IFA as it continues to push into wearables.

The Berlin tech trade show is still a few months months away, and won’t kick off until Sept. 5. We’ll be covering the expo though, so whatever Samsung ends up announcing TechnoBuffalo will have all the details as they break.