Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 - 013

It looks like Samsung may follow the same business model it used for the Galaxy S4 with the recently-announced Note 3, releasing a barrage of spinoff handsets targeting different niche markets. Two new rumors are circulating today, claiming the South Korean company is planning a cheaper LCD version of the device and also hopes to manufacture a version of the Note 3 with a flexible display.

Korean site Chosun reports that Samsung will release a bendable Galaxy Note 3 as soon as next month, and likely ahead of the company's press event at CES 2014 in January. Copies of the phablet would be extremely limited at launch. The company has been looking into flexible smartphones for a while now, but we're still not sure the technology is there yet.

While a flexible Note 3 would be a high-end limited edition device, it looks like the rumored LCD variant could be a cheaper Mini version of the full-sized phablet. Korean site ETNews reports that the LCD Galaxy Note 3 would feature a 5.5-inch display, pointing to a shipping manifest that confirms a smaller version of the device was sent to India for testing and evaluation on Sept. 20.

Both the flexible and LCD versions of the Galaxy Note 3 are still just rumors, and we won't believe anything until Samsung makes an official announcement or at least until the device leaks a few times. But considering how many spinoff versions of the Galaxy S4 are now available we won't be surprised if the new phablet gets the same treatment.