In an unprecedented move, unlocked versions of the Galaxy Note 3 sold in Europe and North America may be region locked by Samsung, meaning you won’t be able to use a foreign SIM card in your device while traveling, despite paying full price for the unlocked smartphone upfront.

The news first surfaced in the UK, where a blog post from online smartphone retailer Clove revealed new SIM limitations for the Galaxy Note 3. The company also showed a sticker on the new device’s box that notes, “This product is only compatible with a SIM-card issued from a mobile operator within Europe.” The post notes that Clove would not be shipping any devices outside of Europe, as the device will be useless outside of the EU.

Android Authority is also reporting that a similar sticker appears on American versions of the device, which restricts its use to the “North, Sound and Central Americas and the Caribbean.” The news likely won’t be an issue for most consumers, but could prove to be a huge annoyance for regular travelers. Samsung has yet to release a statement explaining its decision to region lock the Galaxy Note 3.