A new study from Korean news-site Playwares puts the Galaxy Note 3‘s battery through its paces, testing an Exynos 5420 model of Samsung’s new phablet alongside a number of other devices. The results are a bit erratic and demonstrate that, depending on how you use your smartphone, the Note 3 may not be the right choice for you.

When it comes to video playback the Galaxy Note 3 dominates the competition—which includes the Note II, Galaxy S4, LG G2, and iPhone 5—lasting almost 15 hours on full brightness, while the Note II came in second at almost 11 hours. In another test, this time for 3D gaming with the Egypt HD benchmark, the Note 3 came in third place, losing to the Optimus GK (3:51) and the Note II (4:43). However, when it comes to web browsing, the Note 3’s results (6:43) were closer to the bottom of the pack, offering almost an hour less of battery life than to the Note II (7:41), which came out on top again.

The results show that although the Galaxy Note 3 offers improved specs across the board, the Note II still delivers better battery life, suggesting that Samsung may not have sufficiently upgraded the new phablet’s battery. Obviously there are many advantages to owning the Note 3, including its faster processor, bigger screen and updated software, but Playwares’ study demonstrates that when it comes to battery the Note II is still king.

Take note, however: these tests don’t reflect the performance of the Snapdragon 800 that was launched in the U.S., which likely has very different results since it runs on an entirely different processor.