What you need to know

  • A new report paints an ominious picture for Galaxy Note 10 fans.
  • Samsung will ditch the headphone jack with the new phone once and for all.
  • It is also looking into getting rid of physical volume and power buttons as well.

Updated May 31, 2019: We have an update on the report that Samsung is looking into getting rid of the headphone jack and physical buttons on the Galaxy Note 10. Noted tipster Ice Universe confirmed that Samsung is testing a version of the Note 10 without physical buttons, but the final version will keep them.

Unfortunately Ice Universe also says "it is not optimistic" the headphone jack will be retained in the Galaxy Note 10.

We knew this day was coming, but we just didn't want to face that fact that it would come sooner rather than later. Samsung is ready to break up with the headphone jack once and for all.

According to a new report from Android Police, a source close to the company confirmed that Samsung will indeed start omitting the headphone jack from its phones beginning with the Galaxy Note 10 when it launches later this year. Samsung has been one of the few holdouts to still include the headphone jack in its phones.

In even more surprising news, the source claims that Samsung will also do away with physical volume and power buttons. Instead, the company will implement "capacitive or pressure-sensitive areas, likely highlighted by some kind of raised 'bump' and/or texture along the end."

It sounds as if Samsung has major changes in store for the Galaxy Note 10. We knew the end of the headphone jack was coming sooner or later, but the new button system is definitely a surprise. About the only benefit to this is a more rigid metal frame, which could lead to a thinner device.

We're not sure if that's worth the pay off as capacitive buttons don't deliver the same satisfying click real buttons do, but we'll make a more informed decision once we see Samsung's solution in action.

The report also went on to confirm rumors that Samsung will launch two Galaxy Note 10 models for the first time. There will be as small and a large option, though we're still looking a displays at over 6.4-inches.

Samsung usually unveils the Galaxy Note line around August. We'll see all the major changes it has in store then.

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