Samsung galaxy note 10 1

Android fans may soon be saying “God save the Queen!” when they find out about which tablet was chosen to house Queen Elizabeth II’s “digital time capsule.”

In a tablet world so dominated by iPad hoopla, it’s pretty noteworthy that the Royal Commonwealth Society charity snubbed the House of Cupertino and chose its mortal enemy instead. That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was picked for the honor. The content, a selection of user-submitted photos and videos, will be viewed by Her Majesty herself and stored in the Royal Collection. In all, the entries totaled 150GB of data, and 60 entries (for the Queen’s 60-year reign) made the cut — including video shot at Prince William and Kate’s wedding, and a rap about the 2011 London riots.

The Royal Collection is no stranger to technology. As a holding tank for a variety of items saved for posterity, the collection has a stockpile that includes computers and DVDs, among others.

[Via CNET]