Samsung may have just outed a 10.1-inch Galaxy Note on its website. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is listed on the company’s Developer Day Invitation at Mobile World Congress. Other devices listed include the current 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, Wave 3 and Wave Y Bada phones.

The event is to talk about software development kits (SDK) for the S Pen, which means all of the devices present will in theory be compatible with the stylus. The stylus-compatibility aspect of the event makes it even more likely that the Note 10.1 is an actual device, rather than an invite typo where Samsung meant to type Tab.

The Verge stumbled across the invitation, and upon further sleuthing was also able to find a casting call for a Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial that was recorded earlier this month, giving the rumor even more weight.

We’ll of course be in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress later this month to bring you all the details about Samsung’s announcements at the event.

[via The Verge]