Galaxy Nexus in WhiteIf you’ve had your eye on the Galaxy Nexus, but held out because of the device’s color, this news is for you. Shots have appeared on Italy-based AndroidHD Blog, showing off the Nexus‘ fancy new white coat, and it looks pretty awesome.

There are no other visual differences over the “titanium silver” offering (other than the color, of course), and the front of the device is still black. Other than that, the Nexus is the same Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone we’ve come to love.

Sure, not everyone is a fan of white, but being that the Galaxy Nexus is still the only phone to come preloaded with Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s nice to see more options out there for consumers not feeling the current color offering. The white version is expected to go on sale in the UK on March 6 for, one would assume, the same price as the titanium silver version. When more details emerge, we’ll be sure to bring you up to speed.

Do you prefer white devices over black? Or the other way around?