Galaxy Nexus fans have proven themselves extremely patient — so what’s a little more waiting, right? At least this time, there’s definitely a brand new flagship Android at the other end. And so hopefuls lined up at Verizon Wireless stores to get their hands on the epic Samsung device this morning.

Now that’s devotion: Not only have they been waiting for months, but these customers are also willing to pay the full $300 for it. (As of this writing, Let’s Talk has a Facebook deal for $75 off the price of any Verizon phone.)

The people here are waiting outside a Big Red retail location in Boston. While perhaps not the same mad mobs we’ve seen at Apple Stores, it’s still a great sign whenever a smartphone inspires a lines down the block.

Weigh in for the roll call: Who’s grabbing the world’s first LTE phone with Ice Cream Sandwich?

[via BoyGenius Report]