galaxy-nexusNot even a day after the Galaxy Nexus ban was temporarily lifted, the device has gone back up for sale through the Google Play store. Unfortunately, folks will have to wait between two and three weeks until the unit ships.

It's been quite the saga over the past week. First, a U.S. judge granted an injunction against the device late last month, followed by a denial regarding Samsung's request to have the ban lifted. After that, the device was pulled from the Google Play store, when suddenly the ban was temporarily suspended. It's enough to make our heads spin, and it seems that you just can't keep a good handset down.

Google has essentially ruled Apple's patent infringement claims null by introducing a software update to reflect the ruling. Apple currently has until July 12 to response to the issue, in which case the device will either get pulled again, or freed indefinitely from the tyranny of litigation.

[via Google Play]