Samsung released its first commercials for the Galaxy Gear over the weekend, following the product’s launch last week, sharing two videos on YouTube ahead of what will likely be a typically strong marketing campaign from the South Korean company. The new ads lean heavily on classic science fiction TV shows where smartwatches have been a fixture for over a half-century, using the tagline, “Eighty years in the making, and it’s finally here.”

These are great ads, possibly Samsung’s best ever. The company clearly spent a lot of money to use all these clips as well but, by focusing on sci-fi rather than the device’s actual features, the Galaxy Gear’s possible consumer base is reduced to TV fans who’ve always wanted to own a watch just like Dick Tracy’s or Inspector Gadget’s.

The reason for this choice may be that the Galaxy Gear doesn’t really do anything new. Yes, it has a built-in camera, two microphones and a speaker for making phone calls, and a decent number of apps with more features are coming in the future, but Samsung failed to deliver that unexpected new feature that would make its smartwatch a must-have product. And maybe that’s why instead of playing up the Gear’s features its first ad spends most of its time focusing on fictional devices.

What do you think of Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear ads? We’ve embedded both below so you can decide for yourself.