What you need to know

  • CEO DJ Koh admits Samsung release Galaxy Fold before it was ready.
  • Koh said the phone's delay has been embarrassing."
  • There's still no timeline for the phone's release.

In Samsung's haste to release the market's first foldable smartphone, the company sacrificed time spent performing research and development, leading to a design flaw. Now, the company's CEO has admitted that he pushed too hard, too fast for the phone's release.

In an interview with The Independent, Samsung co-CEO DJ Koh admitted that he pushed for the Galaxy Fold's release "before it was ready," a big reason why the phone was delayed mere days before it was supposed to launch.

"It was embarrassing," Koh said.

Multiple review units broke just days before the phone was set for release

On the eve of the Galaxy Fold's launch, a number of reviewers reported flaws with the device's foldable display, which broke after just a few days of use. The reports caused Samsung to delay the Galaxy Fold's launch, and there's been no updated release timeline since.

"I do admit I missed something on the foldable phone," Koh added, "but we are in the process of recovery."

Before the Galaxy Fold was shared with reviewers, Samsung touted the device's durability in a controlled environment. But it appears the company didn't spend enough time performing real world tests, and it has backfired tremendously.

According to Koh, Samsung has identified the problems experienced by early Galaxy Fold units and is currently testing over 2,000 new devices. That doesn't mean, however, that the device is ready for a consumer launch, but the company is getting closer.

"Give us a bit more time," Koh said.

At this point, Samsung fans might be better off waiting for the Galaxy Note 10, which may debut in August.