We’ve already seen a handful of photos of Samsung’s rumored metallic smartphone, allegedly called the Galaxy F, but today we’re getting a a fresh look at the device in a new picture showing it side-by-side with the Galaxy S5. The newly leaked photo was obtained by PhoneArena via the same anonymous tipster who shared several pictures of the Galaxy F with the world earlier this week.

From the front, the Galaxy F looks pretty similar to the Galaxy S5, though it has significantly thinner bezels than the flagship phone and manages to pack a 5.3-inch display without looking any taller or wider than its 5.1-inch counterpart. Both devices include Samsung’s classic physical home button and a metallic ring around the side, though we know that’s just painted plastic on the Galaxy S5. It’s still unclear if the Galaxy F is made of actual metal or just metallic-looking plastic, but either way some may consider it a step up from the company’s recent design choices.

Under the hood, the Galaxy F is expected to offer a Snapdragon 805 processor, a Quad HD display and a 16-megapixel camera. Samsung is set to make a big announcement later today in New York, but we’re not expecting to see any new smartphones at what’s likely to be a tablet-focused event. Instead the Galaxy F probably won’t launch until the fall, though we may see the device leak out a few more times before then.