With the Galaxy S-line and Note-line already established, Samsung has stuck with what works. It hasn’t announced a completely new major flagship in a while, but that may be changing soon. Recently, reports have come out that a smartphone reportedly called the SM-G8850 is expected to be the next entry into the illustrious Galaxy line.

The G8850 is expected to be a complete redesign of the industrial design Samsung has stuck to over the past couple generations of its smartphones. An image has been passed around, but it’s been rough at best and doesn’t offer the best angles. With that in mind, TechnoBuffalo teamed up with concept creator Samsung Mobile News to bring it to life in all of its glory.

The end result is quite impressive.

At the moment the G8850 doesn’t have an official name attached to it so we’re referring to it as the Galaxy S9 Lite. That’s likely to change upon its release, but for the time being, this will be its non-numerical name.

Unlike the past generations of the S and Note line, the Galaxy S9 Lite will reconfigure the layout of the back. The dual camera system is now separated from the fingerprint scanner and lives in the top left corner, while the fingerprint scanner lives at the top center of the back.

The display, which was originally rumored to be 5.8-inches but is now being reported to be 6.3-inches, will be Samsung’s signature Infinity Display with the curved glass and edges. Samsung seems to have kept the same glass fused together by an aluminum band. This will likely open the door for wireless charging.

Overall, the small changes are quite welcomed.

Look for more information about the Galaxy S9 Lite to come out over the coming months. Only one image and a few pieces of information about the display have been revealed, but more is sure to follow.