Bandai Namco’s pre-eminent fighting franchise Tekken turns 20 years old this year, and the Japanese publisher is celebrating with the release of a very unusual cross-over, Galaga: Tekken Edition.

Yes, they were listening to my fan mail! Who doesn’t want to see 8-bit Tekken 7 fighters floating through space and blasting away aliens? Because that is exactly what Galaga: Tekken Edition is. Classic Galaga with 8-bit recreations of Tekken 7 fighters. Every character has their own unique firing style and animation too, so this adds the slightest bit of depth to the classic formula with slightly different play styles.

PAC-MAN, Mappy, and a whole host of other classic Namco arcade characters also make cameo appearances, and it becomes one big bonanza celebration of Bandai Namco’s successful arcade career! I wonder if Dig Dug or Takky make an appearance.

Meh, I’ve always been more of a SoulCalibur kind of guy. Still, the game is free and worthy of a download just for the goofy laugh if nothing else. You can give it a try through the App Store or Google Play.

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