Lady Gaga, whose "Born This Way" album is currently choking Amazon with its popularity, is renowned for more than just her music. She's actually a bona fide tech head who has presented at CES (as a creative director for Polaroid), collaborated with the app developer of Farmville and even took a break from the busy promotional circuit to pop in at Google HQ. So it's not altogether shocking to see her featured in one of the company's latest ads, right?

In the commercial, Lady G is seen checking out fan renditions of "Edge of Glory" via YouTube and Tweeting her paws off on the webs using Chrome. It's actually a really sweet, well-done ad with just the right amount of pull at the heart strings.

Hmmm, Gaga and Google — maybe there's something more there than just some nice alliteration. Could it be a match made in tech heaven? Well, if she's willing to ditch the MacBook Pro and BlackBerry in this ad, then maybe there's a shot.

Check out the vid above, and then let us know if you think this commercial is hot or not.

[via Chip Chick]