LG is set to announce the G4 on Tuesday morning in New York City. The company has already confirmed that much and, indeed, has already provided plenty of details on its new flagship Android smartphone. We know it will pack a Quantum Quad HD display, a better camera that’s supposed to be great in lowlight conditions, and LG’s UX 4.0 user interface.

What about the box?

Hours before the announcement, images leaked showing the new G4 in what is presumed to be retail packaging. We see a plastic model next to another black leather model and a brown leather option. In another shot, one of the phone’s is facing straight up, showing us a closer look at the front of the phone and its lack of any physical buttons, which we already know are reserved for the back of the device.

Inside the box, we see the charging cable and what appears to be two batteries. We don’t know if LG is going to provide two batteries in each box, or if that option will vary by location. Finally, it looks like there’s a nice pair of what appears to be thread-covered headphones inside of the box.

We’ll know all of the final details in a short amount of time, so enjoy the final leaks leading into the official unveil.