LG is reportedly working on a new version of the LG G4 dubbed the “G4 Pro.” The G4, which only just recently launched in the United States, offers some of the latest hardware available on the market, but it also ships with either a plastic cover or a leather back panel. LG is reportedly considering switching to something even more premium for the alleged G4 Pro.

ETNews said Friday that LG went for an analog look with the G4, which is why we saw a more traditional — in the material sense — leather option. For the G4 Pro, however, ETNews said that LG wants to “stress digital and futuristic feelings… by applying metal cases.” LG is currently weighing its options with the use of metal, and reportedly wants to build a product that feels and looks premium without costing consumers too much money. Whether or not it chooses metal falls down to the manufacturing choices, and ETNews said LG’s goal is to manufacture the phone using a cheaper method than what Samsung and Apple use for their aluminum smartphones.

Little else is known about the alleged G4 Pro. Given that LG is still working on these sorts of decisions, however, it doesn’t seem like a launch is imminent or even guaranteed.