Gaming network G4 hasn't been itself for a long time. Last year, it went from being on life support to just being a full-on zombie when NBCUniversal was looking to rebrand the network. Finally, though, they've put a stake in its heart. At the end of November, G4 will finally die the death it deserved a long time ago.

G4 appeared in 2002 as a network for gamers and had shows devoted to every genre of games. There were news programs, documentaries, shows for game cheats, and even competitive shows like Arena. The network merged with TechTV a few years later, much to the chagrin of Screensavers fans everywhere. Despite that, a few shows like Attack of the Show and X-Play flourished with unique writing and strong hosts. The network is also the source of what is now called American Ninja Warrior on NBC, originally airing as reruns of the Japanese show, Sasuke and retitled to Ninja Warrior.

Eventually, though, a disease started to spread. As the network's ratings weakened, COPS and Cheaters reruns started to take over, eventually taking over the whole network. Eventually X-Play was cancelled and Attack of the Show died after losing its hosts, Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn. The network was already long into its spiral, but the loss of those shows were the last gasp and sputter before it went straight into a nosedive.

The network was ultimately passed over for a makeover as NBCUniversal decided to overhaul its Style network instead, giving it the Esquire rebranding.

Now, in just under two weeks, our memories of G4, good or bad, can finally be put to rest once and for all.