Now I really want a drone. While you might normally want to attach a high-end camera or even a GoPro to a drone for exciting visuals from high above, LG’s latest promo video shows you can actually take some pretty incredible video using the LG G4.

Of course, first you’ll need to cough up the money for a drone, which aren’t exactly cheap, but if you’re able to manage that cost then you can save a bit on your camera. In the video, we see that the optical image stabilization on the LG G4 seems to hold up pretty well — though it’s possible the drone had its own gyroscope to help keep things a bit smoother. We were also impressed by the night shots the G4’s camera was able to capture during one scene.

We suspect other phones such as the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6, both of which pack incredible cameras, are also up to the task, but if you own a G4 and and a drone, it looks like you can expect some really awesome footage. Be sure to watch the video below in high-res to get the full experience.