AT&T is chock full of announcements today and already released pricing and availability for several brand new smartphones. It also had news on the wearable front and revealed pricing and release information for the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R, both of which will be available from AT&T later this week.

AT&T on Monday said it will start selling both Android Wear devices in stores and online starting on Friday, Nov. 7. The G Watch R and Moto 360 are similar in that both offer circular displays and first-class designs that, in our opinion, are more pleasing to the eye than the earlier batch of Android Wear smartwatches.

The G Watch R will set you back $299 from AT&T and offers a 1.3-inch circular P-OLED display. Meanwhile, the Moto 360, which you’re also probably already familiar with, hits AT&T on the same day for $249. For a limited time, Motorola is also selling the Moto 360 for $199 if you purchase it with a new Moto X. It offers a 1.56-inch circular display but also supports wireless charging. Both devices also feature heart rate monitors.

We’re big fans of the G Watch R and the Moto 360 and, really, it’s going to come down to which device you prefer and whether or not you think the $50 premium for the G Watch R is worth it. We’ve found both offer slightly more than a day of battery life, depending on your settings and usage, but really do enjoy the Moto 360’s wireless charging option. The smartwatches both have 4GB of onboard storage, too, and with the latest Android Wear update allow you to store Google Play Music offline for use with Bluetooth speakers.

We recommend checking out both smartwatches in person before making a choice. The two offer great designs and useful features, and the choice will likely boil down to your own personal preference.