Though the refreshed user-interface coming in the next iteration of Google’s mobile operating system targeted at tablets is receiving a good deal of hype, its success will be directly related to the amount of developer support it gets. Touted as the next step in video conferencing, Fuze’s meeting suite is set to make a splash on the new platform.

  • Full hosting abilities – ability to schedule and run a meeting from your Honeycomb device
  • Pinch Zoom and iPoint™ laser technology  – Using the unique interface of a tablet, users can tightly control where attendees attention is focused.

In an effort to gain more traction with the enterprise market, Fuze’s application is being pushed by Google to show the legitimacy of tablet devices in a corporate environment. This will pit Android-powered tablets in direct competition with the BlackBerry PlayBook, which is being marketed as an enterprise-friendly device. The PlayBook has no dedicated email or calendar applications, which means that no corporate data will be left on the device, a huge plus for IT departments everywhere but a headache for users.

The Fuze Meeting application seems to be an interesting way to present information to clients. What do you think? Would you be interested in using Fuze’s application as a presenting tool? Are you looking to use an Android tablet in an enterprise environment? Let us know in the comments below.