Here at Nokia World in London, the big news was the announcement of the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. Beyond the phones of today; however, Nokia is looking at what phones may look like in the future, and showing off some of the possibilities in its "Future Lounge."

One of the most interesting "Future" demos was of Nokia's Kinetic devices, which can be bent and still work, and actually use that bending to control them.

This smartphone demo is definitely still in the prototype stage, but is pretty amazing to play around with. The device was loaded with photos and music. Bending the top right-hand side of the screen will allow you to scroll up, while bending the bottom corner will scroll down. Once you've selected a picture, you can bend the entire device to zoom in and out on a portion of the photo – pretty wild.

Nokia's idea is that the flexible controls could be used in situations where touchscreens and buttons just aren't practical. Have you ever tried to use your smartphone in the winter while you're wearing gloves? Times like that.

What do you think? Would you want to use a flexible phone?

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