As far back as 2014, Samsung has experimented with curved mobile displays, perfecting the design with its Galaxy S8, which features a gorgeous Infinity Display. A new report claims future Samsung phones will feature even more curves—that is, once it can overcome manufacturing hurdles.

According to ET News, via SamMobile, the Korean company is exploring ways to introduce a device that features a display with four curved edges. So, not only will the left and right edges be curved, but so will the top and bottom.

Apparently, this will allow Samsung to create a device with a screen-to-body ratio of 98 percent. As it stands, the Galaxy S8 (and Galaxy S8 Plus) offers a screen-to-body ratio that hovers around the 80 percent mark. Not bad, but Samsung clearly believes it can improve its designs even further.

But producing a device with four curved sides isn’t coming without its challenges. ET News claims the current lamination process won’t allow the display’s four corners to register a user’s touch. So, essentially, the device has four “dead” touch zones.

Samsung is reportedly working on a number of innovative display designs, from screens that bend to screens that fold. Now, you can add a display with four curved edges to the mix. According to the ET News report, Samsung will show off this new display panel early next year, which hopefully means we’ll see it featured in a product not too long after.

Which is good news for the industry. If Samsung can produce a device with four curved edges, we should start to see other handsets, including the iPhone, feature the same technology. After all, Apple has tapped Samsung for millions of OLED panels, which are likely destined for the Cupertino company’s iPhone 8.