Apple iPad Air 2-9

Apple could have a big change planned for its future iPads. A new report out of Korea claims the Cupertino company is looking to swap out LCD displays for OLED starting as soon as next year.

According to ETNews, Apple is working with Japanese company JOLED to produce the new displays. The firm, which is actually a joint venture from Japan Display, Panasonic and Sony, will allegedly focus on making 9.7-inch displays. Production probably won't kick off until late 2016 though, so it could be a while before the first OLED iPads arrive.

Apple has traditionally used LCD displays for its iPads and iPhones. The company switched to OLED for the Apple Watch earlier this year though, so it's certainly possible we could see Cupertino shift away from LCD entirely over the next few years.

We're also surprised to hear that Apple may have picked JOLED as its supplier. The company is apparently still setting up production and hasn't really proven itself yet. LG, which makes most of the displays for the Apple Watch, seems like a more obvious choice. Samsung also has a huge team focused on building display technology for Cupertino.

It's possible Apple picked a smaller supplier so it could have more control over the process. Of course this is just a rumor for now, and it could be a while before we find out the truth. In the meantime we're looking forward to the next batch of iPads coming later this year, even if they don't offer OLED displays.