The development campaign for Fuse, once known as Overstrike, from Insomniac Games has been a weird one for a lot of followers.

The game premiered at E3 a few years back as an over-the-top, charismatic action shooter. Then it was stripped of a good bit of its personality, given a completely new look and awarded a horrifically bland piece of boxart.

Collectively, the gaming writers at TechnoBuffalo marked this one down as an effort slashed back by marketing and focus groups. It certainly feels that way, doesn't it?

The now seemingly generic shooter has just picked up a new trailer that humorously glosses over one of the main protagonist's major rules. Dalton narrates his sticking points.

It's a postive video, honestly. In light of all the bland changes this game has seen, the trailer actually gives a hint towards the possibility that Insomniac's final product might have survived EA's focus group work with a little bit of personality intact.

Let's hope so.

Fuse is set to release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in March of 2013.

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