Insomniac's Fuse is still a thing, if you have forgotten. After suffering from negative fan reaction towards the art direction change and a two month delay, the company is making that final push to get gamers excited for a launch at the end of the month. First up is a brand new trailer.

Insomniac wants to paint a world where a new technology called Fuse has changed the way we will fight wars. The highest bidder for this new-found miracle weapon will topple governments and control the world through vulnerability  Only four heroes can save us, and they are fighting with nothing to lose but their lives.

Truth be told, the trailer still does little to change my mind about Fuse. Generic story, flashy Hollywood editing and a forgettable aesthetic does not make me want to consider renting it for a weekend's worth of my time, let alone drop $60 on a new copy of the game.

It seems to be a title that will go the way of forgettable shooters like TimeShift, HazeSingularity and Inversion. Remember those?

Beyond that, the gaming world doesn't seem to be talking much about the game either, and it is quickly becoming lost in the shuffle of early summer games. I might be beyond convincing, but Insomniac has one month to set the record straight on this controversial title if it wants gamers to fall in line. Its branding is the only way this it going to sell, and even EA seems unconvinced after pulling the plug on their EA Partners label just ahead of it launching.

Fuse will launch on May 28th for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Pre-ordering will open DLC options as seen at the end of the trailer.

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