Last we heard, George Miller said he already had ideas for two more Mad Max films, though he hasn’t exactly divulged any details. Looks like he didn’t mind sharing one piece of information: you can say goodbye to Imperator Furiosa. In Fury Road, Charlize Theron’s Furiosa was far and away the best parts of the movie, stealing the show as the film’s leader and hero. However, it sounds like Miller wants to move on to different storylines.

It makes sense, too. Although the Mad Max films take place in the same universe, they stand alone as their own movies. In Fury Road, Furiosa’s story was so brilliantly wrapped up that it wouldn’t really make sense to further stretch the character. Whether we’ll see Tom Hardy return as Mad Max remains to be seen. Miller did say Furiosa could appear very briefly, but stopped short of revealing any details beyond that.

Also worth noting as that Miller wrote more Mad Max stories before Fury Road was even released, so even he couldn’t have predicted how much of a hit Furiosa would be. There’s always the chance Miller could rewrite Furiosa back into the universe for a more prominent role, but, as of now, it doesn’t appear to be among Miller’s priorities. In fact, Miller will likely take the reins of another project—maybe in the DC cinematic universe—before going back to Mad Max a few years from now.