Update: The original video was removed due to copyright claims. We've added a different one.

Update #2: The video was uploaded elsewhere, so we've put it back in our post. Hopefully this one won't get pulled.

Warning: Video contains some not safe for work language.

When Vine first launched earlier this year, the video sharing app quickly built an enormous user base of folks anxious to share their best six-second videos. The platform started off in earnest as people learned the ins and out of how the service worked, but it soon became a hotbed filled with some amazing, often hilarious content. That's no more apparent than in this incredible Vine compilation, which is pretty funny from beginning to end. Maybe Vine isn't in trouble after all.

Personally, I haven't seen any of these clips before, which might be a big reason why I found most of the videos to be so funny. But it's great to see the service being put to such good use throughout the months. Many people expected Vine usage to dip once video for Instagram launched—and it did—but this compilation proves its community is alive and well; it perfectly demonstrates what makes sharing short video clips so great in the first place—when put in the right hands, of course.

The video was up earlier today only to go down, and then back up again, so hopefully it endures the Copyright hammer and stays up for all to see. You know, for posterity.