There have been many firsts in history: the first successful pilot to fly across the Atlantic, the first female voter, the first man to walk the moon. But few firsts have left such an indelible mark on today's Internet age than the person who read a post, then bravely scrolled down to leave the very first "First!" comment.

Who was that mysterious commenter? And was his "First!" a sign of an ego unchecked, some sort of rage against a machine or a battle cry against an encroaching existential ennui? Comedian Patton Oswalt aims to find out.

Host of the upcoming Webby Awards (this Monday), he joined forces with Funny or Die to explore the mystery behind the "First!" And of course, if FoD is involved, some wackiness is going to ensue, so be sure to hit play on the clip and enjoy. Then, if you'd like to leave your own "First!" in honor of this historic individual, the comments are down below. Have at it.

[via Entertainment Weekly]