Quietly, carefully, Microsoft has released another brilliant new Lumia ad while audaciously poking fun at iPhone and Samsung Galaxy owners. Microsoft’s previous war cry took a similar approach, showing how unruly the two competing sides can be, taking jabs at fanboyism and the unnecessary bickering that continues to take place.

In this new ad, Microsoft highlights the Lumia 1020’s ability to zoom and crop with no quality degradation, and low-light performance is stressed as well. Sitting far away, unhappy with their phone’s images, parents with iPhone and Galaxy devices soon begin getting closer and closer to the stage, trampling each other, nudging others out of the way and even climbing rafters to get a better perspective. “Panorama coming through,” one iPhone owner says.

Soon, the audience starts getting especially rowdy, until the camera reveals two parents sitting at the very back with the 1020. “Why aren’t we getting closer?” the wife asks. “With the Nokia Lumia 1020, we got the best seats in the house,” the husband responds. And just like that, Microsoft lands a right hook to both iPhone and Galaxy owners. But that still doesn’t explain why out of the fifty or so people in the auditorium, only one has a Windows Phone device. It kind of reflects the current market in a way.