Funko is back with another week of announcements, and leading the pack is Disney’s oft-forgotten Gargoyles series. Now that Hudson figure from a few weeks ago makes a lot more sense!

The Gargoyles Pop figures will feature the majority of the cast and the retailer exclusives will have them in their stone forms.

  • Look for a stone Pop! 2-pack of Hudson and Bronx at FYE!
  • Stone Demona can be found at Hot Topic!
  • Look for stone Goliath at Target!

Remember, the non-Stone version of Hudson will be available at specialty retailers.

In the Pop! Keychains, Stone Demona will be sold at Hot Topic.

My Hero Academia will be hitting stores in August. The only retailer exclusive will be Shota Aizawa in his hero costume which will be available at Hot Topic.

Wrapping things up is a collection of miscellaneous items.

Spyro the Dragon will be a general release.

Carmen Sandiego will be a general release while the fading version will only be found at GameStop.

Tony Hawk will be part of the Pop! Sports line.

There will be two new Pop! Keychains for Disney: Sully from Monsters, Inc. and Dumbo from his original animated film.

That’s it for this week!