With the release of the latest Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, the marketing for the film is kicking into high-gear, and that includes all of the toys. While we already saw the new LEGO sets on Monday, Funko has now followed suit with an onslaught of product.

First up are the Pop! figures and there are a ton of them. There aren’t any chase figures, but there is no lack of exclusives.

  • Walgreens – Han Solo
  • Target – Han Solo with goggles, Dryden Gangster
  • BoxLunch – Flocked Chewbacca
  • Walmart – Tobias Beckett
  • Fye – Dryden Voss
  • GameStop – Fighting Droids 2-Pack
  • Hot Topic – Lando Calrissian
  • Funko Shop – Mudtrooper

Additionally, there will be two Pop! Tees to go along with the movie.

Next up are Dorbz and Wobblers. The entire Dorbz line will be exclusive to the Disney Store this time around. And there are 1-in-6 chases for Chewbacca and Lando in these.

The two wobblers should be available everywhere.

Wrapping things up will be the Mystery Minis line.

We know for sure Target will have exclusive figures, but Funko has not yet announced where the second set of exclusives will appear.

As for the Mystery Minis Plush, expect to find those everywhere you pick up your Funko items.