Another week, another onslaught of products from Funko.

I swear I have never seen a company produce so much product at the rate it turns these out. More power to them!

First up we have the Blade Runner 2049 Pops! and Dorbz figures. For the Dorbz series, Deckard will be limited to 6,500 pieces, and the helmeted Sapper will be a chase figure limited to 1-in-6.

In the Pops! figures there are currently no limited models or exclusives, but the helmeted Sapper will again be a chase figure of 1-in-6.

Justice League hits theaters on Nov. 17, but the product will be releasing between now and October. Funko is going all out with the products for this one.

Mystery Mini – You will find a general release as well as exclusive mixes at GameStop and Hot Topic. Each retailer will have three exclusive figures.

Hero Plushies – These will be a general release available everywhere.

Dorbz – These are available now with the Arther Curry in civilian clothes being a chase figure.

Pocket Pop! Keychains – Available now.

Pop! Figuress – Mera is available only at Hot Topic. Wonder Woman and Cyborg with Mother Boxes will only be at Walmart. Batman/Aquaman 2-pack will only be found at FYE.

My Little Pony: The Movie hits theaters in October. Only Pop! figures are planned for this one with Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle each receiving 1-in-6 chase figures. You'll find the broken-horned unicorn Tempest Shadow at Hot Topic.

15 new NFL Legends Pop! figures were announced this week. The main series includes players such as Lawrence Taylor, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Steve Largent, Brett Favre, and many more. There will also be two legendary coaches: Bears coach Mike Ditka and Cowboys coach Tom Landry.

There will also be two Toys R' Us exclusives, Lawrence Tylor and Deion Sanders.

Wrapping up this week is a bit of a grab bag.

First up, are a Predator Pop! and a Triceraton Dorbz. These are the Specialty Series figures for November and will only be found in smaller boutique stores and comic shops.

We then end with the new Hanna-Barbera figures that will include 1-in-6 chase figures of Top Cat and Benny the Ball.

Check back next week for all of the latest from Funko!