Funko has been pretty quiet as of late, but after its massive showing at Toy Fair 2018 you really can’t blame them. Things are starting to return to normal, and that means more Pop! figures are on the way.

First up we have series 8 of the WWE. Chase figures here will include Triple H Skull King and Vince McMahon in a pink jacket. Both will be the usual 1-in-6 variety.

Target will have an exclusive Asuka with a masked chase figure. While Walmart will have a green mask variant of the Japanese wrestler.

Catching up with some announcements from the past few weeks, fan favorite film The Sandlot will be getting the Pop! treatment. These new figures coincide with the 25th anniversary of the film.

“The Beast” wiil be exclusive to GameStop while the Squints and Wendy Peffercorn 2-pack will be exclusive to Target.

Rounding up the last few new announcements, just as New Girl is coming to an end as a series, the show will go out with a collection of four Pop! figures.

Long-running anime series One Piece is getting some Mystery Mini figures with Hot Topic getting three exclusive figures.

And last, but not least, upcoming specialty store figures include a 2-pack of Rick & Marty in the Dorbz line and a Rock Candy version of Evil Lyn from Masters of the Universe.