Funko is riding high on the Stranger Things train this week with the announcement of series 3 Pop! figures. All of the new figures reflect Stranger Things 2 as you would expect them to. The only exclusive will be Mac in her Halloween costume available at Hot Topic.

The Saga comic series is coming to the Pop! line. The only 1-in-6 chase will be a blood splattered Will. There will, hever, be three exclusives:

  • Ghostly Babysitter – Hot Topic
  • Bloody Lying Cat – Diamond Previews
  • Pink Lying Cat – Barnes & Noble

Teen Titans Go! series 3 will hit the shelves this winter with four regular figures and three exclusives.

  • Robin as Red X – Books-A-Million
  • Nightwing with baby – Hot Topic
  • Rose Wilson and Raven as Lady Legasus – Toys R’ Us

Looney Tunes will pop as plush and Pop! figures in January. Flocked Bugs Bunny with carrot will be exclusive to Target.

Wrapping up this week we have Five Nights at Freddy’s Blacklight Plushies and some Bananya Pens and Pop! Keychains.

Also? Mr. Bean, including a 1-in-6 chase figure of him with a turkey on his head.