Funko is back with another week of releases. While the Solo: A Star Wars Story products were the big moment of the week, there are even more items coming for you fans of other properties.

First up, marketing is ratcheting up for Pixar’s Incredibles II. Following up on the release of the latest trailer, Funko announced all of its upcoming products. There will be plush, Pop! Pens, Pop! Keychains, and a lone Rock Candy figure.

The real excitement will come from the Mystery Minis and Pop! figures as per usual. The Minis will have a basic assortment and exclusives of Monster Jack-Jack, Raccoon, and Reflux at Target.

In the Pop! figures there will be a 1-in-6 chase of Violet. There will be exclusives as there are with most of the major releases.

  • Target will have an Elastigirl
  • Funko Shop will have Monster Jack-Jack
  • Target is where you’ll find Fire Jack-Jack
  • Hot Topic will have a chrome version of Jack-Jack
  • Fye will have Jack-Jack in a diaper

The items will become available on June 15.

In other announcements this week, there will be an addition of a Batman and Wonder Woman two-pack to the Justice League Vynl line.

Baby Driver will be getting the Pop! treatment with three figures. There will be a version of Baby with his sunglasses, but there will also be a 1-in-6 chase figure without his sunglasses. Additionally, there will be a release of Bats. All the figures are due for release this summer.

That’s it for this week, be sure to keep checking back in for further announcements!