Funko is taking it easy this holiday season and not announcing an endless stream of new Pop! figures, but there are still some fun ones this week.

I was personally pretty delighted when the email hit my inbox this week with the Contest of Champions Pop! figures. As someone who has been playing the game for about two years now, it made me a little giddy. Because who doesn’t want a 6-inch Howard the Duck?

Exclusives will include:

  • At Hot Topic find a Secret Empire version of Civil Warrior
  • A scorched version of King Groot can be found at Target
  • Venompool holding phone is available only at GameStop
  • At Walgreens look for Punisher 2099

Lord of the Rings Pop!

The Lord of the Rings Pop! figures will include a 1-in-6 chase Gollum with a fish. The exclusives will include an invisible Follum at Barnes & Noble and King Elessar at Toys R’ Us.

Lord of the Rings Mystery Mini

The Lord of the Rings Mystery Mini figures will be in general release with the following exclusives:

  • Find Witch-King of Angmar, Lurtz, and Eowyn only at Hot Topic
  • At Barnes and Noble find Galadriel (Glow), Frodo Baggins (Clear), and Gimli (Gold)