Funko has a ton of small releases this week, and that is probably due to San Diego Comic-Con quickly approaching. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun things to look at, though! (As well as a few large releases)

First up is the arcade classic Space Invaders. You’ll be able to find the basic green Invader everywhere, but the other colors will all be 1-in-6 chase figures only at GameStop. Yes, even the glow-in-the-dark.

Pop! figures for American Gods are on the way. No exclusives – which is surprising as Shadow Moon’s shirt is screaming for it – but there will be a 1-in-6 chase. Keep an eye out for a Laura Moon in a more advanced stage of decomposition.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is chugging along with more products. First up our new action figures. Each one will come with a piece to build Scrap Baby. Meanwhile, Lefty will be an exclusive at Walmart.

A whopping eight new Pop! figures are on their way, so you may want to go ahead and clean off some shelf space.

Pop! Keychains are on the way with five styles to choose from.

Then there are a ton of small releases coming.

  • Two more additions to the Royal Family figures are coming in the form of a royal wedding set and a new Elizabeth in the outfit she wore to the ceremony.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Wolfman will be a specialty store exclusive
  • Solo and Lando Vynl set will be a general release
  • As will the jumping Mega Man
  • The Brown Altered Beast Werewolf will be a general release while the gold version will be sold at GameStop
  • The Game of Thrones Pop! Keychains will be general releases.
  • Honey Smack Dig Em’ Frog will be a general release

That’s it for this week!