Funko is back with another week’s worth of releases, and one of them has me just blown away.

First up we have the Horizon Zero Dawn Pops!There are currently no limited models or exclusives, but the yellow glow Watcher will be available only at Best Buy.

Wonder Woman tore up the box office this summer, and now she wants to tear up your home… with cuteness.

First up with a Dorbz Ridez of Wonder Woman riding a horse.

In the Pop! line you’ll find Wonder Woman in her cloak, Etta Candy with the God-Killer and Antiope. There’ll be one exclusive with Hot Topic receiving Diana with an ice cream pop.

Next up this week is Fairy Tale. Again, no limited or chase figures, but Swim Time Happy will be exclusive to Hot Topic. And if you’re feeling like you need to take some Pop! cuteness with you wherever you go, you’ll want to pick up the Pop! keychain of Carla.

Stranger Things will be getting several different products just in time for when it returns in October. First up will be the Pop! Pens to keep track on your checklist of which items you’re missing.

Next you can be on the lookout for two two-packs in the Vynl line. The first will feature Eleven and Barb while the second will feature Dustin and Lucas.

Last of the new products is some additions to the Dorbz line. There will be two chase figures in the main line, while Eleven in the Benny’s Burger shirt will only be found at Target and the Eleven in the hospital Gown will be exclusive to Hot Topic.

The DC Bombshells join the Dorbz line this fall with a slew of releases.

In the general release you will find chase figures 1-in-6 of Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman.

The exclusives are thick in this line with Black Canary, Catwoman and Supergirl being exclusive to Hot Topic. Then, not only are Poison Ivy and Mera exclusive to Hot Topic, but they will both have chase figures you can only find in the usual 1-in-6.

And, finally, the line that had me laughing this week: Golden Girls Dorbz. All the girls are here – Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia – and there will be a 1-in-6 chase of Sophia in her “I’m Ready! Take me Hurricane ’91” sweatshirt.