Every week Funko announces a ton of new products. Then there are weeks where it feels like they back up a dump truck to my inbox. Guess what type of week this was.

We kick off this week with Disney’s classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. First up is a collection of Pint Size Heroes, but then we kick it into high with the Pop! line.

Snow White and all seven dwarves will get the pop treatment with a Dopey chase being packed 1-in-6. Grumpy with a diamond will be found at Books-A-Million, Snow White with glitter highlights will land at Hot Topic and the Snow White maid version will be at Toys R’ Us.

Teen Titans Go! will get the Rock Candy treatment with Toys R’ Us receiving two exclusive versions of Raven.

The Mystery Minis receive general, Toys R’ Us and Walmart assortments.

The plushies for Teen Titans Go! will be general releases.

Who doesn’t love a Disney Princess? Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas will be added to Rock Candy with an exclusive version for Hot Topic.

The Disney Princess Pop! Keychains will be available everywhere.

The Pop! figures will see a 1-in-6 chase figure for Aurora and a Books-A-Million exclusive of Aurora in a glitter dress.

Also coming to the Pop! line are Elena of Avalor figures. No chase figures for this one, but Toys R’ Us will have an exclusive Elena with a scepter.

Valve Games needs Pop! figures… good thing those are happening.

Team Fortress 2 and Portal are both getting Pop! figures, but no chase figures or exclusives.

And now for the gigantic miscellaneous pile this week!

Stranger Things – Two Dorbz Ride figures. It seems dangers to drive with your head out of the roof like that.

Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman is getting a lanyard… because why not.

La La Land – A two-pack of Mia and Sebastian dancing is coming.

Supernatural – Who doesn’t want some Winchester plushies looking super sad?