As weeks go for Funko, this was a quiet one. Yes, we still got our daily emails, but they weren’t nearly as overflowing as some of the most recent weeks.

Diving in, we’ve got Pop! figures for the DC Bombshells. There will be a 1-in-6 chase of Catwoman in purple as opposed to black.

Exclusives will be

  • Sepia Supergirl – Barnes & Noble
  • Sepia Catwoman – Books-A-Million
  • Sepia Hawkgirl – Hot Topic
  • Holiday Wonder Woman – Michael’s

Series 2 of 90s Nickelodeon will feature a mix of characters from the channel’s various shows. There will be 1-in-6 chase figures for an ill Rocko and a Halloween Heffer. FYE will have a 2-pack of Norbert and Daggett in flocked versions.

Tron Pop figures will include Tron and Sark, each will also have 1-in-6 chase versions colored differently.

Popular anime Yuri on Ice will have three base figures and a chase figure of Young Victor with a flower Crown which you will find at Hot Topic.

And, finally, more Rick & Morty are on the way. You’ll find Cornvelious Daniel and Target will get get Toxic versions of Rick and Morty.