A quiet week this week for Funko, but there are still a lot of fun new releases coming.

Starting off this week we have God of War which will include Dragur, Fire Troll, Kratos, and Arterus.

Continuing the gaming trend, Monster Hunters will also be making an appearance with the fanged wyvern Zinogre, the Thunder Wolf Wyvern, Rathalos, the King of the Skies, a Felyne, and a Hunter.

Bendy and the Ink Machine will be coming to Hot Topic first in January and expanding everywhere else in April. You’ll find Bendy, Boris the Wolf, and Alice Angel.

Star Wars will be adding Mystery Mini Keychains in February, and Vice Admiral Holdo will be getting a Pop! in January.

Wrapping up this week will be the new Specialty Series figures you will only find in comic shops and the like. You’ll find Alana with Baby Hazel from Saga as a Pop!, and a Rock Candy figure of Capable from Mad Max Fury Road.