apple-1 auction original

Yet another Apple-1 computer is up for grabs thanks to German auctioneer Uwe Breker, who plans to auction off the device starting Nov. 16. The computer is reportedly in working order, signed by Steve Wozniak, and even comes with its original packaging and software. Breker also claims this model was one of the first 50 ever produced, and was even stored for a time in Steve Jobs’ own bedroom.

Breker predicts the Apple-1 will go for between $300,000 and $500,000, though previous auctions have seen the same computer model sell for as much as $671,000. The auctioneer admits the final price may be higher than he predicts, which seems likely if the description of the computer is true.

Only 200 copies of the Apple-1 computer were ever made, each built by Wozniak himself, and were priced at $666.66 when first released in 1976. Of the first 50 Apple computers assembled, only a small handful remain in working condition. We’ll keep on eye on the auction and let you know how much this extremely rare computer ends up going for.