GOG.com is throwing an annual Winter Sale with a lovely little twist, and that twist is free games! The decision clearly was made to lure in gamers to drop money on further good deals, and while I doubt follow-up free games will be as enticing, this first one is one you won't want to miss.

DoubleFine's Full Throttle Remastered is currently 100 percent free for the next 24 hours. The remaster of the 1995 cult-classic graphic adventure was handled by the same people who made the original release at LucasArts, including its iconic creator Tim Schaffer, and the project updates the original pixelated graphics with a more hand-drawn modern day look.

Of course, if you want those sweet sweet pixels, they are available too at the flip of a button. Authenticity is important when you're releasing definitive editions, and adherence to the past is an important element I always respect.

Full Throttle follows the story of Ben, a biker gang leader who is forced to defend the last motorcycle manufacturer in his post-apocalyptic world. While Full Throttle never quite achieved the same recognition as Monkey Island or other LucasArts games of that era, its still a worthy addition to any fan's collection…

…because hey! It's free!

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