If you wanna zoom in far—like, binocular military sniper-level far—Fujifilm has a new pair of S series cameras that takes the insanity to an absurd level. One reaches a max level of 42x manual zoom; the other more than doubles that tally all the way up to 100x by combining both optical and digital zoom. Let’s dive right in. Get your trigger fingers at the ready.

Fujifilm’s first headliner is the HS50EXR, which is the camera that wallops all the way up to 42x manual zoom. Man, this might come in real handy at sporting events. Sitting up in the nose bleeds might not be an issue ever again. The cam is equipped with a 16-megapixel EXR CMOS II sensor, ISO sensitivity up to 12800, and a 3-inch flip-out LCD. The hardware is there, and it’s built so even the most inept camera user can pick it up and shoot without much fuss. If you want to cop this one, it’ll be out in March for $550 (or a $400 version, though that only sports 30x zoom).

But right on to that 100x beast, which is otherwise known as the SL1000. You can crank its 24-1200mm up to 50x, but take it up a notch by offering an intelligent digital zoom for up to 100x. Here’s the overview: 16-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor, 3.0-inch tilting LCD, ISO 12800, and full HD movie with stereo sound recording. In addition, the SL1000 sports a one-touch movie mode, 6 scene scene recognition, and continues shooting of 10fps at full res. This one also comes out in March for $400.